The Primates

Primatial Rock For Festive Occasions!


Primordial Pics

Miss Kimmie and Shew @ Disco Bay        

Deiter Does Cowboy                                        

B&W !!!!!!!!!!!                               

Spex - Shew - Disco Bay......                          

The 5,000 fingers of Dr. HarvWilliker

Mr. Spyder                                 



kimmie !!!              

Black Diamond Daze

Young Nob Wisecarver and friends with benefits

Walnut Creek

Wow, is this guy for real?

going South Pacific!

Girls - We got Em!

Fosters Bighorn

KK's B-Day

Fosters Bighorn


  The Primates perform dance music through an overture of Golden Rock 70's, Unbelievable 80's, Nirvanish 90's, more Modern Pop staples and even a splash of Country! We come with a full suite of instrumentation and vocals. We are six musicians who started our respective musical careers as teens. The Primates Band has been together since 1993.